May 14, 2019

Salesforce Integration for AML/KYC Providers

Plug your AML/KYC data directly into Salesforce user organizations.

With our award winning Salesforce integration plug-in for AML/KYC, you can reach the fastest growing market for compliance data, and compete with leading industry players such as Thomson-Reuters. By delivering your data directly to the desktop of thousands of Salesforce users, you're helping them deliver on their on-boarding and compliance requirements more efficiently than ever before.

Using our Salesforce integration plug-in for AML/KYC, your data becomes directly available within a users Salesforce application to;

  • Carry out person and company subject AML/KYC/Watchlist searches against your data.
  • View and download detailed AML/KYC reports on subjects.
  • Request new or updated reports on subjects.
  • Create Salesforce accounts or leads, directly using AML/KYC report information. 
  • Update Salesforce accounts with latest AML/KYC information with 1 click.
  • Monitor portfolios of subjects for changes in compliance status.

If you are a marketing list owner that is interested in making your data available in Salesforce for cleaning and prospects click here 

Make compliance easy by plugging it into Salesforce

Salesforce is the #1 global CRM system, where companies are on-boarding new clients all day every day. With your compliance search and reporting embedded directly into the Salesforce UI, users never need to leave their CRM system. This aids productivity, increases the number of checks they typically carry out, and because they link their Salesforce records directly to your data, they can update compliance metrics with a click. Once users have this ability, they never want to go back.

Our Salesforce integration for AML/KYC is easy to deploy and setup, you have total control over your data and how it's used, clients will use more checks and reports, and at contract renewal time, its a huge driver to renew.

We can typically have a plug-in ready for you to start selling within a matter of weeks, with our technical team working closely with you to tailor it exactly to your data and business processes. Don't delay, get in touch now to find out more.

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