October 24, 2018


Using our RESTful API your data becomes available in real-time, for clients, partners or other 3rd parties to automate the update and enhancement of their CRM data or other operational systems. This supports ensuring their information is always correct, comprehensive and up-to-date. The functionality is delivered via a simple RESTful API that allows for searching for a company, and returning all the information available on your data. This may include data points such as employees, revenue, industry, job titles, financial info and so on.

By enabling users to regularly clean and enhance their data, not only do they ensure that they have clean, accurate, comprehensive and compliant data to work with, but you lock in a great recurrent revenue stream that requires no resources.

Blue Tahiti can create a dedicated API to your data very quickly, & provide all the reporting and management tools you need, enabling you to leverage your data in the cloud. Get in touch to talk through this exciting new channel for data owners.

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