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Data management solutions

Our data services & online tools have been developed over several years, working closely with some of the world’s largest B2B/B2C marketers, data owners, publishers & business services companies. This has helped us to create a unique set of tools, dedicated to supporting these communities by maximizing their productivity, innovation, competitive edge, revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Data Quality & Hygiene
Address Verification
Data Deduplication
Merge Purge
Data Append & Enhance
Email Verify & Append
Suppression Append
NCOA Append
Data Migration Service
Analytics, Mining & Reporting
Data Profiling
Database Development
Database Management

Data management platforms

Our proprietary state of the art all-inclusive data management platforms (DMP) powered by Blue Tahiti’s dedicated infrastructure bring new levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability to any marketing, list owner or publisher operation.

Powerful Industry solutions

See why some of the worlds largest database marketers, listowners, publishers and business services company’s entrust us to deliver. With service and platform based solutions we can meet your every data related requirement.

Sell Your Data Through Salesforce

Listowners – sell your data into the world’s fastest growing CRM eco-system. Once Salesforce users had just one option for integrated prospects – data.com. Now with Blue Tahiti’s Salesforce Integration plug-in you can deliver your data directly into any Salesforce user organization.

What our clients say

Who We Are


When Philippe Werey and Steve Nicholls founded Blue Tahiti Software in 2003 they wanted to combine their considerable experience of database development, to provide information management solutions that were more accessible and affordable to more organizations. The past 12 years have seen users of Blue Tahiti database tools grow to more than 25,000 users, across 22 user organizations spanning Europe and North America. Our clients range in size from 3 to 2000 staff users, with 2000 to 100,000,000 records, all of which enjoy solutions that are developed and customized to meet their specific needs.


At Blue Tahiti we believe that if your system works well, is well priced and well supported, you won’t need to go elsewhere. From first contact, through system migration, testing, launch and beyond, our clients enjoy a close, supportive and flexible relationship with the Blue Tahiti team.

Our Team Leaders

Philippe Werey
Philippe Werey
Managing Director
Having started his working life in the marketing department of a major global beverage corporation, Philippe developed an interest in how technology can help businesses. Prior to starting Blue Tahiti in 2003, he had gained valuable software development experience whilst working for organizations like Hyperion and Alterian. When not working he likes participating in highly painful ultra-running events across the world: Transrockies, Ultra Tour du Mont-Blanc, Trans Gran.
Chief Technology Officer
Steve has almost 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, primarily in the arena of database management and associated technologies. This experience is focused on supporting the development and implementation teams, as well as liaising closely with clients during development and implementation phases.
Michael McCarron
Michael McCarron
Head of Sales and Marketing
Michael is primarily responsible for the initial contact with Blue Tahiti clients, understanding their organizational requirements and recommending appropriate solutions. Michael liaises closely with the development team to ensure that Blue Tahiti products not only meet the needs of users today but also offer continued innovation for the future. Michael’s background includes over 25 years in Customer Account Management and Marketing including 15 years in the Technology sector.
Ann Witherspoon
Ann Witherspoon
Head of US Implementations
Ann has a great attention to detail and is experienced in communication between client and our development team. As Project Manager, Ann will liaise with your project team, throughout the build and implementation phase, to ensure that your detailed requirements are clarified and documented and assigned to the appropriate member of the Blue Tahiti implementation and development team. Ann will provide regular progress reports and ensure that project deadlines are met.
Wojciech Lukasik
Wojciech Lukasik
Head of UK Implementations
Wojciech is responsible for Quality Control throughout the build and implementation of client implementation projects. In addition he plays a key role in ensuring that C-Insight configuration is in line with our client expectations. He also oversees the User Acceptance Testing; working with key users to ensure the system meets their needs prior to and following system launch.
Mary Hutchcraft
Mary Hutchcraft
Senior SQL Server and Data Expert
Mary, who has over 20 years experience in SQL Server and data management. She is responsible for the initial analysis and formatting of client data and migration to the C-Insight platform. She is also skilled in understanding and facilitating the flow of Management Information reporting for Blue Tahiti clients.
Nathan Collins
Nathan Collins
Online Platforms and Lead Developer
Nathan is a skilled programmer and applications developer with more than 15 years experience. He takes care to ensure that each instance of the C-Insight platform is configured to support specific client rules and processes. He is also responsible for server setup and application infrastructure.

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